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What will be the availability of EMT's for race sites post Covid-19 lockdown

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As we enter this new normal a reader over on HydroRacer.Net brought up an excellent point to ponder as we look ahead to life at some point getting back to normal and the possibility of a race or two taking place this summer.


In light of all that has happened and will undoubtedly continue well into the Fall the reader over on HR-Net brought up an excellent point, I think a lot of folks are overlooking. Will, there be a jurisdiction in the entire country willing to have a rescue squad sitting at a boat race all-day in light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

This could be a huge game-changer no matter how bad anyone wants to get back to powerboat racing. Ask yourself what municipality in the entire country is going to tie up EMT’s all day for a boat race as calls for possible Covid-19 transports will continue to happen. How will EMT’s return to the race site after transporting a possible Covid-19 patient? Sad to say but this one very huge aspect of putting on a race might be the very part of powerboat racing that puts the entire docket on hold until 2021.

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