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Taupo 2019 Livestream

Saturday 25 January 2019

Round One Taupo – Hydro Thunder GP Hydroplane Series

Saturday, January 26th

8.30am – Circuit Drivers Briefing
8.30-9am – NZ Water Ski Racing
9-10am – All class racing
10-10.30 – NZ Water Ski Racing
10.30 – 12 Midday – All racing


Everyone off the water by 12 midday no noise because of the concert

Sunday, January 27th

8.30am – 9am- NZ Water Ski Racing
9am-11am – Hydroplanes/Other circuit classes
11.15am – GP Hydroplane Race x 2 heats of 4 boats
11.45am – 12.15pm- Other circuit classes
12.15pm – 12.30pm – NZ Water Ski Racing
12.30pm – Offshore first half hour race
1pm – GP Hydroplane Race x 2 heats of 4 boats
1.30pm – Offshore last half hour race finish 2pm
2pm – 4.30pm – Hydroplanes /Circuit races.
3pm – GP Hydroplane Race Final – 6 boats in the Final


Day 2

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