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USTS Sunday at Pleasant Prairie, WI post-race recap by Ray Rodda

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The USTS woke to pretty calm weather on Sunday, tempered by our concern for our friend Marc LaRose who was injured on Saturday in the 250H class when he blew over and could not get away from the boat. His injuries were severe as noted by brother Neal in his post on FB. Marc was transferred shortly after being taken to the local hospital to a trauma unit in Milwaukee. I’ll let Neal’s comments on the and extent of the injuries speak for itself. Please keep the entire LaRose family in your prayers as we wish a speedy recovery to Marc.


With the great turnout we had at the second round, things got pretty crowded in the pit area as the rains prevented us from being at the lakefront and rather in the elongated parking lot, an would tell you that we had a mile of pits scattered down the road.

First let me say thanks to our hosts, Pete and Kelly Nydahl who did a yeoman’s work to help put this together and what a party on Saturday evening at the Brat Stop for dinner, Thanks Pete and Kelly. Also a big thank you to the USTS crew, with our President Todd Brinkman with brother Tom and nephew Brady on it all weekend. And you can’t find better than our crew on the judges stand with Sue Sailer, Denise and their merry band of outstanding helps, Kelly, Tammy, Wendy, Abbi, and others and now I am in trouble with all the names.


Our first class up was to finish our K-Pro division. Cooper Thompson brought 2 heat wins from Saturday and Ashten Caffarelli and Brandon Payn tied with a 2nd and 3rd each. Cooper went out and took the first heat, but not without Ashten giving him a tussle for the lead going into the first turn. Joe Perez from Depue joined the fray on Sunday, and when heat was over, Coop, Ashten and Brandon for top 3, with a 4th for Joe, and 5th to Hudson Grysiewicz.
The 4th heat was Ashten’s to put a stamp on the note that he was there and will be defending his 2018 title at Depue this July.

Next up was 1100H for their two heats, as Eric Van Over who won a heat yesterday took the first heat today, with Dan Kirts and Ray Bradford following behind Eric. In the next heat, Dan got out front in that GRM 440 and was never headed as Eric finished 2nd and Ray 3rd.
In 250R Jason Sailer has put a stamp on this class, having won the nationals and high point championships last year, now has finished out front at both Lake Alfred and now here at PP. Strange to not see the green 5 of Tim Small out there at PP, but he would show up later in the 500R class. JJ Walls in the B&B Electric entry took the 2nd spot and the venerable Rich Krier took the 3rd spot for this class


Next up were the 250H class with a modified le man’s start off the beach. Eric Schmidt looking to double up, came off the beach with tremendous quickness to get on plain, with Pete Kelly and John Peters just behind and they finished up the heat in that order as well.
This is all about having the ability to literally jumping on plane immediately and then having the speed to lead. Eric certainly had that in this heat. Heat 2 came up and it was the same start, however as Eric entered the bottom corner on lap 2, he was pitched out of the boat and the heat was called. Thus Eric was not eligible for heat 2 restart and that put Pete and John Peters in slots one and two, but lurking there kind of un-noticed at first was Brad Dygert who had a little trouble in the first heat. Brad lined up in the 3rd slot for the restart and that is exactly how they finished.
Heat 3 for all the marbles, as Pete Kelly with a one two finish in the first two heats, now ready to do battle. This time Pete loaded up coming off the beach and took a bit of time to clean it out. In the meantime, Brad found the key to getting off the beach and the speed to lead as he and John Peter’s took off and lead the field. In the meantime, Pete finally cleared out began the mad dash to get by as many other boats as he could, but with the lead that Brad and John had over the field, is was obvious that the best Pete would be able to do was 3rd. Pete worked very hard to do so and was able to take the title on the points
BTW, that extremely fast boat 24 is for sale complete, motor, boat and you have a top runner immediately.

Well as the say, the old man knows best. Pete Nydahl, subbing for his daughter Amy, still honeymooning took the 350H class over James Aderholdt as Kurtis Nydahl and Gary Buskirk, JP Jedwabny, and Jon Eldridge all had issues of one sort or another.


11 500R hit the water in the first heat and oh, we were missing Tim Small, well we found him out front in the first heat and took the win in the Brinkman 440 GRM runabout. Jason Sailer, driving the Thirlby Automotive M-16 took the 2nd spot and Andy Kirts took 3rd in the heat. Austin Van Over, a top 500R driver fought it out with Tim until he hooked the entry pin in the bottom corner and ended the fight.
Tim had an issue as they came up for the start and found himself a spectator for heat two as it was all Austin, Jason, and Andy for the heat. In the 3rd and final heat, Jason Sailer put his stamp on the class and took home the title. Interesting bit here, this was the first time in either a 700 or 500 runabout this weekend and don’t know you will ever get him out of them.

Can’t tell you how excited we are to see Andy Kirts progress in that runabout, from the 500 to the 1100 he is getting there folks, and this after his accident that laid him up for a bit. Took that runabout apart and put together a monster. Good job Andy


Again my thanks to the best crew in the business and prayers to the LaRose family, please.


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