USTS Saturday Post Race Summary from Springfield, IL by Ray Rodda

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The first day of Round 3 of the US. Title Series took place at Lake Springfield with about 80 entries ready to start hitting the water in sunny, but very warm temps to start the day. Great racing amongst the different classes developed with only one class where the overall winner took home all three heats, more on that later.


The first class up today was 250R with a little kerfuffle in the pit as unfortunately Paul Bosnich and Jason Sailer colliding in the pits and Jason taking a bath. All was well and Brian Payn driving the 88 of the B&B entry took a lead from a heat win and a fourth into the final heat. Brian in the second heat had the stinger slip off and caused a huge downgrade in power and finished 4th to go along with his heat win in the first heat. Paulie had a 2nd and a 3rd in the two heats as he was off the mark in the 2nd heat. The 3rd heat set up was Brian was in about a 40 point lead over Paulie, but it all went away when Brian found himself sitting just out of the exit pin of the 1st turn. Rich Krier won a heat and that allowed him to accumulate the points for third.



Rich Krier

350H was the only class that the 3 peat was accomplished as young Kurt Nydahl took all three heats over Gary Buskirk who finished with 3 2nd place finishes, while Jon Eldredge had a great run to finish on the podium in third place.


The story in this class was the 2nd heat as they came around the bottom corner for the start, Pete Nydahl and Gary Buskirk were vying for the same piece of water and Pete climbed the blow off of Gary’s hydro and did a snap roll up and over. The cowling ended up about 100’ away from the boat with Pete in the water. Fortunately, Pete was not injured and while he set out that heat, he made into the 3rd heat and finished in the 3rd spot. Hopefully, Dale Hoffert will post his incredible pictures of the flip, they are unbelievable. So glad and grateful Pete was not injured, well I do think he will find some muscles he never knew he had.




1100H two heats were up next with two more tomorrow, but I think everyone would have preferred that Doug Hall had not chosen Springfield as his first race of the year. In the first heat Doug was trapped in the second row and it took until the bottom corner of the 4th lap to finally turn the race into a win as he caught Eric Van Over. Dan Kirts running a great race for the 3rd spot. Doug also won the 2nd heat with Eric and Dan finishing in the same positions.





K-Pro found Cooper Thompson in that familiar position in both heats run today as he bested Brandon Payn and Hunter Gryskiewicz. Two more heats tomorrow. Cooper is thrilled that that restrictor plate is now a thing of the past and he is happy racer.


125H was kind of mixed up like cement, but let me first give a shout out to the Wilson family as Ashlea Wilson in her first race equated herself quite well. Welcome aboard Ashlea.

Brad Dygert went out and won the first heat of 125 with David Tenney a close 2nd and Kristi Ellison finishing 3rd. In the next heat, Brad found himself sitting over at the entry to the bottom corner and watched David Tenny take home the win, while Kristi came for a 3rd in that heat. In the last heat Brad came back for the win, and can only think if 3 heats he would be the number one, but David Tenney driving well after his flip in Lake Alfred, won the day with Brad second and Kristi 3rd





The big 500R finished the day with Jason Salier and Austin Van Over trading heat wins in the first two heats with Brian Payn in the B&B Electric entry for a 3rd and 2nd. So the third heat might tell us all. Jared Gyskiewicz went out front at the get go, only to have the engine go south during the heat as did Austin Van Over’s motor. Ray Bradford in the laydown runabout was on a mission in the 3rd heat and he succeeded in getting to the 2nd spot and a spot on the podium. Great run for him and at the awards, he clearly was thrilled at the medal position. Jason took the heat win and the overall





My thanks to the best team on the water and look forward to great racing once again tomorrow.



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