Photo: Thirlby Pro Outboard Racing

By Ray Rodda

I want to thank all of our Title Series supporters who came out to the USTS Mechanics school. I don’t have a list of all those who taught so, please suffice it to say thanks to all who participated in the educational process of racing outboards.
I know that Derek Gesler of GMW was a catalyst in getting this up and going and say thank you to him. Also ourThanks to Thirlby Pro for taking all the video’s and allowing us to share them out to those unable to attend. Thanks Mike and Julia.
My thanks also to those who came to learn and supported this wonderful opportunity.
I know that Dan Kirts was involved in securing a building that allowed for this to happen and our grateful thanks for your support Dan and your family, thought I saw Andy in a couple of the pics and video’s.
Again thanks for the support of the Title Series and look forward to calling out your names at the races this year.
if I missed someone, please forgive and post up more info so we don’t leave anyone out.