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US Title Series Pleasant Prairie update by Ray Rodda

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Round number two as we have said kickoffs next Friday with testing at Pleasant Prairie for Memorial Day Weekend racing on Saturday and Sunday. We understand at this moment we have 86 pre-entries already in the book with more expected, hope to hit 100 by next weekend.


We will be once again, without that honeymooning couple as Amy Nydahl and Derek Gesler who were united in marriage last weekend will miss their second race in a row. Now think about that, two young guns, amongst the best in their classes going to miss another race, hmmm, must be love for sure. Congrats you guys, I think you know how much the Title Series family love you guys and are happy for you. I’m sure they won’t miss a beat when back on the water. Dad Brad and I used to race against one another in California and Pete, Amy’s Dad, following in the footsteps of the great Ray Nydahl on the water. I know Pete did well at Lake Alfred and will be fun to see him on the water once again this weekend. Not sure how Momma Kelly is feeling, but she is such a supporter to Kurtis, Amy, and Pete.
Understand that James Aderholdt will be with us this weekend as well, James has been over in Europe racing for over a decade. He and Chris Hellsten will be sharing a Krier Runabout built in that shop of Mike Krier for 250/350R. Also that is not the only new Krier runabout this year as Sean McKean will be joining up with us shortly with a 500R from Mike Krier and ready to go with a capsule as well we hear.
Speaking of capsules, I know that David Hooten had some engine kremlins at Lake Alfred, but knowing David, he’ll have that brand new Trolian built capsule humming soon. I do believe we had 7 capsules at LA and expect as many if not more with Ray Bradford with the Thirlby group in his as well. Well, wishes go out to Ken Nicholson who had a second place finish at LA to Eric Van Over. Ken had a visit to the hospital last week, but hopefully is now on the mend and will join us for speed weeks and Springfield later on.

It will be interesting to see if JW Meyers has another Seattle to a Title Series race on his dance card, as JW took the Thirlby Runabout to a win down in Lake Alfred as did Austin and his Dad Eric in the classes they ran for the Thirlby Automotive trailer. Hopefully, Andrew is back running along with congrats to Parker who took the 125R class at LA.
The familiar black and green of the Brinkman entries with JJ Walls at the controls will be in the 88 for another go, and we should add 3 or 4 more K pros entries for PP as well, after Cooper Thompson a 5th generation driver took his first win at LA.
As I indicated the 1100R is on the schedule for the weekend and it will be the first time at PP for this class, so it will be fun to see the look at the fans when they see this one going.
Easy drive as you take the tollway from Chicago north toward Milwaukee and take the very first exit after crossing the Illinois/Wisconsin border. Turn right and head east about 2 miles to the lake on your left.


See you there


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