Unleashed winner of the USA vs Australia BAD Boat Challenge Round 1

Via USA vs Australia BAD Boat Challenge

You’d have to think the winner is the sport of powerboat racing.

WHAT A WEEKEND🎉🎉🎉. Huge crowds, plenty of boats and no incidents, could you ask for any more.


Brett Shepard and the Unleashed BAD boat team certainly couldn’t, as they have taken out round 1 with 28 points.

But it’s not a big lead, so this is how the top of the leaderboard stands

Unleashed 28
Decision Racing 26
Immortal Circuit Racing 22
K777 War Eagle 21
She’s the Culprit 20.5
K999 El Cid 18
Shockwave 15.5
Turn It Up 15.5
Outlaw 15
Chevy Chase 14
Convict 14
Wild Child 13
Rival 11
Tuff E Nuff 11

Next weekend we can do it all again and it’s going to be awesome

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