The popular young UK based driver Ben Jelf involved in car wreck "Ben is bruised but ok"

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Bens mom Jeni took to social media to calm fears after word spread on social media that Ben was involved in a car wreck.

Photo Jeni Jelf
Photo Jeni Jelf

Via Jeni Jelf — feeling angry with Ben Jelfand Colin Jelf.

February 10 at 5:42am · So, as it’s broadcast everywhere on snapchat etc.. and people naturally want to know how the wounded soldier is : Ben is ok, Battered & bruised this morning but he will be better in a few weeks (hopefully)

For those that don’t know, Ben was stationary (with another car in front of him) Giving way to traffic that were obstructed in the other side of the road. Around the corner came another car that was travelling VERY VERY fast that smashed into the back of Ben and hit another car. 3 cars have been ‘written off’ including Ben’s. The 4th car has minor damage. The pictures show the scene that greeted us Colin & I when we arrived at the scene - it looked like a war zone with cars scattered everywhere. You can imagine how we felt when we saw the scale of the damage and that same feeling of absolute fear was back again for me

Luckily, after a trip to hospital, we know that Ben will be ok (nobody else was hurt). Luckily, I didn’t get to meet the idiot that caused the accident otherwise he might have needed medical attention as well

The moral of the story: always wear your seatbelt (Ben was wearing his and still smacked his face on the wheel) and don’t drive like an absolute tosser as you never know whose life you might ruin !!!! Cars are bits of metal that don’t matter, lives cannot be replaced

Thankful that we are the lucky ones

Hopefully, via the power of the internet, the silly boy who did this might even (1) Apologise (2) Be bothered to check that Ben and his passengers are ok and I might just forgive him a bit !. Thank you to Ben’s friends and everyone else that looked after him xxxx

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