Special Event At Lock Haven, PA

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Pat Gleason photo - John Peeters & Marlee Hill running J-Dub's 1100ccR at Lake Lawrence.


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August 23 2013

Thanks to Greg Lyons and DVORA for letting us run the Two Person 750 Mod runabout as a special event this year at Lock Haven. Here are the rules for the event.
1. Each team will have two drivers.
2. The team will consist of one male and one female.
3. Both drivers have to be 16 years old and be APBA members ( No single event memberships will be allowed.)
4.Each team will flip a coin at Drivers meeting to see who drives the first Heat. Example; Team Luce ( Val and King George) flip the coin and lets say Val wins. She drives the first heat and George drives the second heat. Who ever is not driving is riding.

Betting is allowed however the winnings will be donated to the local food bank. This should be a lot of fun for the race fans.

Here are the Teams so far.

Team Luce -Val and King George
Team CVRA - Jerry and Abby
Team James - James and who ever is brave enough to ride with him. Amy Sweeny where are you?

See Your Team at The Lock.



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  • Date: Aug 31, 2013 - Sep 2, 2013
  • Location: Lock Haven, PA - Susquehanna River
  • Directions

  • Rt. 80 to 220 N. go about 8 miles to Lock Haven exit, follow Bridge St., crossover bridge, make right turn into pits.

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