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SOA debuts new rescue boat dedicated to Britt Mercer

Via the SOA Facebook Page:

Britt was very dedicated to SOA.... but more importantly Britt was dedicated to making sure that every driver on the water was safe. Britt, gave his all and never missed a race. Britt even went on vacation once during a boat race weekend, he made sure he was home early, caught a bus and made it to the race for the weekend. As we always say, we are family and we take care of eachother... Britt exudes that statement. He was a quiet man who stood back, but he was that silent protector who watched over us.... unfortunately we lost Britt to cancer only 2 weeks ago.... so now he will be our angel watching over us.

SOA just purchased a new rescue boat and we felt the best way to honor him would be to dedicate the boat in his name! He will always be at the helm!

You will be deeply missed, Britt!



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