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Powerboat record attempts return to Lake Windermere

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Photo: Coniston Power Boat Records Week (In Coniston, Cumbria.)

Water Speed Record Breaking returns to Lake Windermere

Friday 1st November 2019

On Saturday 9th November 2019 Lake Windermere will see Powerboat Record attempts return to the lake. In addition to the official Endurance Record attempts, straight-line performance trials taking place on Sunday 10th November and the event promises to be a momentous weekend.


For the 1st time in 15 years, Endurance Speed Records will take place on Saturday over one and two hour periods and will be eligible for ratification and recognition by the national governing body of Powerboat Racing the BPBA.

On Sunday 10th November performance trials will enable eligible watercraft and licensed drivers to pit themselves against the clock over a measured straight-line course.


The record attempts and performance trials will take place in the south of the Lake Windermere between Storrs Hall Hotel and Beech Hill Hotel, with the event-based at Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club at Broad Leys. Both hotels and the shoreline adjacent to the public car park at Beech Hill will have good views of the course for spectators.

The event has been planned to ensure that there is no disruption to navigation along the lake for other lake users. To ensure the safety of all lake users, a safety cordon around the records event will be patrolled by water-based officials flying blue flags and LDNPA Rangers.


Glynn Cunliffe

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