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THE KIWI’S ARE COMING ! THE KIWI’S ARE COMING! Oh no, not more of them, Ha! Ha! Marc Perrier was just down at Bert’s shop yesterday and reports David Alexander’s new GP is not moving along but “FLYING ALONG”> I’d better get my butt moving because Big Mike Geblein and myself have to build David a new trailer and Terry and Bobby here at Horsepower Sales have already started David’s new HRL motor. Do you realize now 1/3 of our HRL GP fleet will be Kiwi”s. Poor Joe and Cal Sovie ! They have their hands full getting Mike Grendell’s new GP painted then they’ve got to get the GP-12 in the shop and rig it completely including making the boat direct drive, not a real easy task but if anyone can get things done its the Sovie team, thank god. Hey, how about that paint job on Brandon’s GP> Wow! My team still won’t let me see the design of our “Steeler” Their afraid I’ll show it on facebook. Also, speaking about Brandon, can you believe their selling their other GP for $ 65,000 ? That’s almost unheard of for what your getting. Lets see ! 1. Good used but rebuilt GP engine’s worth $25,000 2. Awesome trailer’s worth 15,000 3 Extra gearboxes and gears worth $ 5,000 4. Hell that leaves the boat at only $20,000 Hey the best part is this boat 2 years ago was running in the top 3 of our heat races. Wow! for someone wanting to step up and have one hell of a good fun time that’s CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP! Speaking of stepping up I heard a little noise out of Seattle. Well not a little noise but 1330 horsepower on the dyno from Tommy Thompsons new GP-525 motor. Duff and Mike Stock got that thing humming. Now a little handling work and they could have a rocket ship ! Of course our Steeler team isn’t sittin’ around either. Mike, Big Mike, Jeff, and Joe are headed down to our shop here in Cincinnati Wednesday to Dyno 2 new motors and dyno last years freshened up motor. So that’s it for now.


Take care, Huey

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