NBRA Nationals Claremore, OK Saturday recap by Ray Rodda. Sunday racing underway now

Photo by Keith Kampen
Photo by Keith Kampen

Well, it’s 5:10am up ready to head to the lake for a 7am start of the NBRA Nationals as Saturday nary a heat was run due to the slight breeze giving us white caps all day yesterday. We had a great crowd with the folks here in Claremore really pulling out the promotional stops to bring them in and did they. Thanks to them, and sorry we were not able to provide the show we know could have happen.

Not all was lost as the largest order for pizza was placed and 40 some pizzas were delivered and a nice party was had around the Doc Miller Trailers as. Our thanks to Rick and Leonard for all the work with the city and the park folks to make this race happen, hopefully we will finish it today..

Today we are down to one heat for the championships as the wind is scheduled to be back at around 10-11am so we are trying to fool Mother Nature into allowing the finish.

Will report on Monday sometimes as to the Champs.



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