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Mods invited to the 2019 USTS Nationals at DePue, IL

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By Ray Rodda

We wish to share some exciting news for the 2019 USTS PRO Nationals as the USTS leadership under the direction of our President Todd Brinkman and with the committee of the NBRA folks with Jeff Ruth, leading the way, have come together and announce we have invited 5 modified classes to join us at DePue, July 24th to the 28th . Testing will be Wednesday and Thursday the 24th and 25th with 3 days
of racing from the 25th to the 28th.
We extend an invitation to all modified drivers whether APBA or NBRA to come join one of the most exciting events you will ever attend. Crowds upwards of 30-40,000 attend for the weekend, with great
food stands, beer tents, dancing each night under the stars, a great awards banquet on Saturday night, a
reunion this year of famous drivers from over the years at DePue. Billy Seebold, Alan Ishii, Ralph Donald, many others expected to attend.
We are excited to have more racing excitement to be enjoyed by the greatest fans in boat racing along
with one of the greatest sponsors, The DePue Men’s Club. These classes will be
interspersed with the Pro classes throughout the weekend as we will enjoy a great show this year at
We will include the following classes, in addition to the regular classes of the Title Series Nationals
including the Antique Division. We will give the NBRA designation and the APBA designations for those
classes invited to participate:

These classes are the most popular classes of both APBA and NBRA and we would expect to see a great turnout. These additional modified classes will give the crowd a good look at modified racing and introduce a whole new array of drivers to DePue.
The NBRA rule book is online and I will post that in a separate Post on FB and Hydroracer for those who need to know more about the NBRA as to what engines and weights are eligible for usage in the different mod classes. The rules will be the NBRA rule set.

A couple of items:

Drivers who are not members of the USTS will need to join a single event membership for this race and will be therefore covered by our insurance.
C Stock motors run in the BMH and CMH class will be eligible to run the OSY 400 class as well. There is
no weight restriction on this class for USTS as there would be in the BMH/CMH classes for the stock
850R would be eligible to step into the 1100R class as well.


NBRA USTS Realted News


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The USTS will be racing Labor Day weekend in Clarksville, Ar with all classes scheduled to run. This is a sponsored race and there will be show money available. The NBRA has invited us to participate during the NBRA Nationals scheduled for Wed-Sun of that weekend. Testing will commence on Wed and Thurs. before the weekend of racing with racing on Friday-Sunday.

Please set your vacations and come set some records at Clarksville. The course will be a one-mile certified course to be able to set records at this event. The lake from what we understand is very protected in terms of wind and it is controlled water. From what we have been told, NBRA has raced there at a time when the wind was up over 20MPH and did not disturb the water.

The race course is about 2 hours west of Little Rock, along I-40.


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