Lightning on Ludwig Day two post-race summary of the NBRA/USTS round 6 by Ray Rodda

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Day two of the NBRA/USTS round Six saw a day unlike yesterday when it was nice and cool most of the day, today, it was hot, hot, hot most of the day. The water provided great racing and speed capabilities and it showed as many records were set, along with an anomaly that I cannot remember ever happening in the USTS.
In the 4 classes run today in the USTS side of the event, 250R, 350H, 175H, and 500R, I cannot remember a day of racing where each winner won all 3 heats and scored a perfect 1200 points doing so.


In 250R, Curt Hellsten, driving the Bruce Nicholson entry scored impressive wins, winning from the front of the pack at the start, to having to pick his way to the front. His speed was so impressive to see with the come from behind the pack win as it took about 2 laps to get everyone behind him. Rich Krier had a good run as did Brian Payn for the podium finish as well.

In 350H, the speed of Kurtis Nydahl, notice the two KCurtis’s winning in their flights., hmm, was just stunning, he average 78.79MPH on this one mile surveyed course and there wasn’t a place he could start, or a corner he couldn’t find to get around the competition. He started in the back in one of the heats and by the first turn exit, guess who was out front. Wow, Wow, Holy Buckets is all you can say. His Dad Pete and Gary Buskirk with good runs for the podium.


In 175H, Brad Dygert hit every start of the 3 and was never headed. In fact he and John Palmquist hit the line together at the start of the first heat, John was the 175H National Champ at DePue, and by the time they hit the first turn, Brad had a 10 boat lead coming out of the first turn. Well done Brad, with John finishing second and Kristi Ellison doing a great job finishing on the podium as well. Hat tip to Ethan Fox who has been improving his starts all summer, but the last two heats he was dead on with the rest of the leader, Great job Ethan.

In 500R, Brian Payn was driving the Brinkman B&B Electric entry to a 3 heat win as well. Brian and Derek Gesler put on a heck of a show as Brian was in probably the 5th or 6th spot going to the first turn. What Brian did not know was that Derek and Austin Van Over had jumped the gun and Brian set about his mission to get to both of them, unknowing that they had jumped. Brian finally caught Derek in the last corner of the last lap, and won on the water, without really having to get by Derek. John Matthews driving the Tim Chance L-20 had a great run and finished 2nd and Brennan Burkland for the podium as well.


Unreal that all four classes had 3 heat wins from each of the winners.

Dummy walked away from the lake an left the total paper work, but I will try to remember some of the NBRA material records and winners. I will get more info for you tomorrow and repost all the podium finishers for the NBRA finishes.


In SER, Derek Gesler had his six cylinder singing the blues for everyone else as he took both heats back to back and set a new record in the second heat of 60.068MPH beating Tim Snyder’s record of 58.19MPH, Congrats Derek.
Braxton Miller set a record in CSH while taking the win, breaking Rick Millers record by about a second and a half. Rick’s record at 53.68 and Braxton’s new one at 55.368
Austin Van Over took the CMH championship while setting a new record that again Rick Miller held at 59.67MPH and moved it to 60.910. Braxton finished second and Ryan Crews finished 3rd.
Austin also won the EMH busting David Mason’s record by 2-1/2 MPH, moving it to 65.407 and was unbeatable here. Brian Palmquist finished 2nd to Austin.
Rick Miller scoring his historical 100th National Championship set a record while doing so. His old record was 53.49MPH and the new record is 53.175MPH
In DR, Braxton Miller scored the victory over Alan Owen and Mike Kirkendal. I think he set a record there as well, I will track it down tomorrow. My brain is literally fried from the heat, so I will turn this off and again tomorrow I will try to get all of the info, my apologies.


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