Photo: Fernando Sanchez Carriel - Jack Thompson, Patrick Gleason, Mike Akerstrom and Kyle Bahl.

REGATA GUAYAQUIL-VINCES 2019 EDITION # 63 Vinces invites to the traditional Guayaquil-Vinces regatta edition # 63 considered the longest in the world in its class where we will have the presence of more than 45 intrepid outsiders. The competition of Fuerabordismo “Guayaquil-Vinces”, is already an outstanding and admired test in the life of the national sport, for which it is expected with great enthusiasm as the first regatta held in 1957; And thanks to the outskirts to meaning an important factor of national and international tourist influx that annually on the occasion of this competition is full of visitors who come to enjoy the hospitality of the Vinceños and that is why it is recognized as the party of beauty, tourism and sports. Sunday March 17 at 11:00 AM will be the game at the Malecón 2000 in the City of Guayaquil. “VINCES IS THE CAPITAL OF THE FORCES OF ECUADOR”