June 2019 US Title Series Newsletter by Ray Rodda

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With the turn of the calendar, we are already into the heart of boat racing season. The US Title Series has round 3 coming up at the end of the month on June 28-30 at Lake Springfield, Illinois, a great venue for the USTS, and then the next 30 days from then get really busy for our teams.


July 19-21 starts round 4 at Constantine with Speed week followed the next weekend by the USTS Nationals at the home of boat racings Capital, DePue, Illinois with special invite to 5 classes of Modified. Those classes are 350/BMH—-500MH/CMH—-EMH/750MH—-850MH/SEH—-and SER/850MR. This under the auspices of our great sponsor, The DePue Men’s Club. Each of those classes will run a 2 heat 3 lap format with expectations of a great turnout of Mod drivers regardless of organization affiliation.

There will be an entry fee per class and because this a USTS sanctioned race a onetime membership fee of 50.00 for DePue, while this affords you the 10K medical insurance policy with no deductibles and at our Nationals, there is a payout to the drivers for their place of finish.
The Nationals will begin with testing on July 24th and 25th with racing to commence on the 26th and go to Sunday the 28th. For any of the Stock category or Mod drives going to Wakefield, but wanting to catch DePue as well, you can register online and then notify us of your intentions as our Friday morning drivers meeting is mandatory without an approved excuse of absence to be able to arrive after the drivers meeting. For those doing the Wakefield or working to the last minute before heading to DePue, we just ask that you notify us as you will not be able to register past Thursday afternoon at the lakefront.


If you’ve never been to DePue or raced there, here is your opportunity to have an opportunity to race before a huge knowledgeable crowd, as they draw a great crowd for testing let alone the 20,000 over the weekend. There is a pitch in for drivers and crew on Wednesday evening and a banquet on Saturday for awards, plaques, and checks from Friday and Saturday to be presented. A great evening of fun for sure with a great group of folks.

We will finish off the USTS season with round 6 in Clarksville, Ar, with an invite from the NBRA folks who will be contesting their nationals over the Labor Day weekend. This is a surveyed one-mile course so records can be set and it is very protected waters that has, as I understand it, had 20-25mph winds and no disruption of racing. More info to come on this race as the USTS invades the south.
So if you are looking for a great venue to show your talents, join us at DePue at the end of July.


Update on Marc LaRose who was injured at Pleasant Prairie.

Marc was released on Friday from a Milwaukee hospital on Friday the 31st of May and is now recovering at home in Florida. So grateful for his recovery and thankful that his dear wife Sherri and father Chick were with him during his hospital stay.


We look forward to a complete recovery for you Marc, prayers, and concern continue.

Also for those who had not heard about our treasure and friend, Diane Murray continues PT to overcome her injuries in a lawnmower accident. So sorry Diane, prayers for a quick recovery. We miss you greatly.



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