How does powerboat racing attract a younger fan base and driver pool

Dave Caldwell , CONTRIBUTOR over at Forbes Magazine recently wrote an article stating that while the Nascar Driver base is getting younger the fan base is getting older. If you take a look at Powerboat racing one could argue that the exact opposite might be happening across some series and categories as the driver base along with the fan base seems to be quickly moving towards a geriatric sport when it comes to both drivers and fan base.


As we move into the future of powerboat racing both stateside and abroad what will it take to attract both a younger driver base and fan base or has the window of opportunity closed on this topic as technology and the world moves forward?

Some would argue that its “The Economy Stupid” why on earth would a young guy or gal just starting out with a family to raise and very little disposable income risk it all for a few laps of fun on the weekends when there are far less risky activities that a family can enjoy without the added risk.


Have we seen the end of an era when guys were fascinated by the thrill of machines and speed now focusing more on building apps for smartphones etc.

Maybe the world has moved on from what was once seen as a lifestyle many young men would only dare dream of. Will we ever see a resurgence of what the sport was in its heyday? Or are those of us who still love the sport witnessing its slow and inevitable death.

NASCAR’s free fall in popularity has become old news, but there was one number in the television ratings from last Sunday’s “championship” race at Homestead-Miami Speedway that was especially grim for a sport that is desperately hoping to stop its skidding slide.

But there was something even more telling. Of the 4.66 million viewers Sunday, a mere 1.06 million viewers — 22 percent — were between the ages of 18 and 49, the target audience. Of the 5.92 million viewers a year ago, 1.51 million, or 25 percent, were between 18 and 49. So there were nearly a half-million fewer 18-49 viewers than a year ago.

NASCAR Is Getting Younger (As In Drivers) But Older (As In Fans)


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