H1 Unlimited set to raise the curtain on 2018 while still on life support

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Photo: The U-3 Go3Racing and driver Jimmy King in action at Detroit. (Courier file photo above by David Campbell)

With the season opener just a few days away, once again rumors are swirling around social media once again on what the boat count will be when the curtain is raised on the 2018 season. The series continues to struggle when it comes to putting boats on the water and attracting any new teams given its antiquated engines.


While other forms of Powerboat racing are well into their 2 and even third rounds of racing for the 2018 season once again the H1 fleet limbs onto the scene with what’s being reported as a very low unofficial boat count for the season opener at Guntersville next weekend.

Perhaps at this point, it would be best to euthanize the series and lay it to rest as this is not a true representation of how far the sport has come. In my humble opinion, it’s actually an embarrassment to the sport. The old Vietnam era turbine engines are from an era not many folks can relate to and surely this is a factor when trying to get a promoter to sign on. Let’s hear your comments and suggestions below. How much longer can they continue to parade out the same old six or seven boats around the country and expect a good response. At some point, cities and towns will start to say no thanks given the cost associated with bringing in six to seven boats. We have no official count for Guntersville but the word on the street is it might not be much to write home about.


2018 H1 Unlimited Race Schedule

June 22-24 Guntersville, AL

July 6-8 Madison, IN

July 27-29 Kennewick, WA

Aug. 3-5 Seattle, WA

Aug. 24-26 Detroit, MI

Sept. 14-16 San Diego, CA

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