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Give powerboat world champion the recognition he deserves

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016 in


Your recent article regarding the 50th anniversary of Teifi Boating Club carried a photograph of Jonathan Jones, a Cardigan boy born and bred. Jonathan Jones was the F1 Powerboat world champion no fewer than four times. That is a phenomenal sporting achievement in anybody’s book.He was Formula Grand Prix world champion in both 1986 and 1989 and Formula 1 world champion in 1991 and 1998. In four other years he achieved commendable positions of second and third in the world.He had to travel all over the world with his devoted local team, all amateurs, for decades, in order to win those championships. Jonathan’s achievements are a credit to himself, his devoted back-up team, and to everyone else involved. He regularly took on international teams which had huge professional financial back-up and beat them time after time.Yet, what recognition has Jonathan Jones ever received for his outstanding achievements? His career highlights can be read on the “Fast on Water” website.


On top of all his many power-boat racing achievements, he has been a regular commentator on the sport on Sky TV. Furthermore, in 2005, along with his local trusted engineer, Dai Morgan, he set up his own manufacturing company to build F1 and F2 powerboats, whilst still working full-time at a bank in Cardigan. He has even found the time to make the very artistic, rustic, driftwood lamp-stands that are on display at the Cliff Hotel, in Gwbert.

He recently retired from his work at the bank. Many customers would be surprised that the unassuming, smartly-suited bank official who served them had been a world champion no fewer than four times in a highly dangerous, high-octane sport and survived some truly frightening crashes at tremendous speeds.May I suggest in this year of Teifi Boating Club’s 50th anniversary, that members and club officials, as well as Cardigan Town Council, Ceredigion County Council and our Welsh Assembly Members, put Jonathan’s name forward for an OBE or MBE for “Services to British Power-boating”? It is decades overdue.


After all, many athletes are now awarded such recognition after just one solitary medal success. Some of them are even knighted!What more does Jonathan Jones have to do for British Power-boating to earn his rightful accolade?

Yours etc

Lyn James Jenkins

Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park




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