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Coniston Power Boat Records Week 2017 - Day 4 Summary

Photo @RecordsWeek Tim Tapping
Photo @RecordsWeek Tim Tapping

Coniston Power Boat Records Week 2017 - Day 4

Thursday 2nd November 2017

Day 4 2017

The weather was near perfect as the sun rose over the Grizedale Forest this morning and at 8am on the nose, Tom Williams-Hawks took to the course.


With 49 craft of all shapes, sizes and nationality entered it was a busy day on the water, a total of 49 attempts on the Measured Kilometre run took place today. With 4 National Records, 2 World & National Records and 4 World record being set during the day.

The Fastest run and record of the day came from Julian Clegg from Yorkshire who increased his World Record he set yesterday to 104.35mph. Julian has for many years been developing his Gas Turbine prototype boat.


Frenchman, Mattieu Chiarini is already a French National Champion and today became a World Water Speed Record holder. Making the attempt in his P750 inflatable boat, Mattieu and passenger Manu achieved an average speed of 69.00mph (111.04kph).

Records Week continues tomorrow on the final day of this 47th Annual Powerboat Records Week.


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Glynn Cunliffe

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