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Coniston Power Boat Records Week 2017 - Day 2 Summary

Coniston Power Boat Records Week 2017 - Day 2

Tuesday 31st October 2017

The water was a little choppier than yesterday and with the cloud came some of that Cumbrian rain. Conditions made it ideal for the offshore classes and they didn’t disappoint with a total of 9 records broken or rebroken throughout the day.


The first record set this morning was by TV’s Wheeler Dealer, Edd China, this wee Edd is quite literally making the transition from road speed to water speed in 2 Amphibious Vehicles. Yesterday Edd already set a new National Record in the Gibbs Amphibious Quadski. Crossed between a Quad Bike and a Jetski, Edd set a record at 46.12mph. Today Edd took to the hallowed Coniston Water again, this time in the Gibbs Humdinga Amphicar which is returning to Coniston after a successful outing last year. Edd set a new National Record in the Amphibious Experimental Unlimited class at 39.60mph.

First timer at Records Week but an old hand at powerboat racing, Roy Battarbee from St. Helens went out this morning and set a new National record in the National Clubman 2000 class at 71.61mph. Competitors come from near and far and this year we have Latvian, German and France which is where Chiarini Mattieu has traveled. 23 yo Mattieu aces in the Thundercat Racing series and today set a new World Record in the P750 Pro Stock class.


Yorkshireman, Julian Clegg is a Records Week regular, for many years Julian has been developing prototype gas turbine boat and his persistence and that of his team is starting to pay off. Julian set a new World Record today at 93.17mph.

The fastest run of the week so far came from Tom Montgomery-Swan, Tom from Devon set a new National Record today in his Raven hull, powered by 2no. 400 HP engines. Tom broke and re-broke the National Club Racing Unlimited class record several times, finally settling at 110.50mph. No doubt Tom will be back on the water later in the week as he tries to improve on that speed.


The 47th Records Week continues tomorrow (Wednesday 1st November) until the end of the week. With 45 entries already signed in and 13 National Records, 2 World & National Records and 4 World Records already broken or re-broken this week it is set to be a great result for this Great British tradition.

Press Officer

Glynn Cunliffe

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