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Coniston Power Boat Records Week 2016 - Day 1 Summary

Photo Jelf Racing Team
Photo Jelf Racing Team

Monday 31st October 2016

Via Glynn Cunliffe Press Officer

Day 1 of the 46th annual water speed records week got of to a foggy start but by 9am it was all systems go. With 25 entries signed in before the start of the week, there were plenty of drivers ready to go.


The first record of the week was set by 16 year old Ben Jelf from Kent is making his first Records Week outing in his F4 Catamaran. Taken as an average of 2 consecutive runs Ben achieved a new national water speed record of 77.54mph in the Formula 4 Class.

The juniors were showing the the rest of the competitors how it was done this morning. The youngest and furthest travelled competitor of the week, 14 year old Endija Zaumane from Latvia, broke the first world record of the week in the junior JT250 class with a speed of 49.78mph (80.111 Kph). Speaking after her record breaking run she said “I was really confident I could do it, it make all the journey worth it”. Endija continued her endeavours in another class making it a double World record breaking day.


A 1st for Records Week was the Gibbs Amphibious vehicle, design to travel on road at normal speeds this morning set a new British National record at 39.08 mph. The team will continue to attempt to push up the record throughout the week.

As the sun sets on the 1st day in Coniston, we have 29 entries with 41 record run attempts having taken place. The good weather is set to continue and with more entries set to arrive during the week, it is set to be a record breaking week. 

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