Breaking News: No Coniston Records Week for 2019 "Set to return in 2020"

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As you may be aware, Record Week is held on Coniston Water under a specific Byelaw which allows an exemption from the 10 mph speed limit for genuine records attempts to be made under the rules of the World and National governing body.


Following the withdrawal of the Royal Yachting Association as Powerboat Racing’s national governing body in the UK, negotiations with the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) have been ongoing to attempt to amend the existing bylaw. It was hoped that minor amendments in the wording to the Byelaw would be an acceptable solution, however, in the latest meeting with the National Park we have been informed that there can be no alternative to the full consultation and ministerial approval process.

Going forward, we have commenced the process to revise the Byelaw but this is a lengthy process and includes review and approval from the Secretary of State, a process that will take several months. We cannot, therefore, guarantee a new Byelaw will be in place for the 2019 Records Week in November.


It is therefore with great disappointment, we have taken the decision to allow Records Week to have a lay year. We know many of you will share the Records Week Committee’s emotions. We have made the decision now to allow officials, competitors, spectators, and local businesses to make alternative plans.

We are looking forward to Records Week returning to Coniston in 2020 with provisional dates being announced in due course.


Changing the Byelaw and not running an event in 2019 comes at a hefty financial cost to Records Week. We are looking at several fundraising events and routes to help towards the cost and will keep you updated with these over the next few months.


Records Week Committee

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