Alex Cremona admitted to hospital "His mom post to social media to calm the nerves of his fans"

English Translation:

First I thank all the people who from yesterday are taking care of my son Alessandro through me, my husband and brother massimiliano.... I apologize if I can’t answer everyone but I’m sure you’ll understand!..... Alessandro looks like a Less serious than it would appear from the first investigations even if it has an important chest trauma to monitor and head trauma with left wrist fracture. Despite being sore he has always been conscious and responsive... I will see in the limit of possible to keep you updated

Thanks again everyone


More from his wife: Wenke Franke 

English Translation:

Dear friends and fans of my husband Alessandro Cremona, first of all, we like to thank ALL of you for your kind words, well wishes, and support. It is incredible how much love and affection coming our way by phone, messages and social media. And it really means so much to us. I always knew that Alex is very popular and well respected in our racing community but I didn’t expect that huge wave of love and prayers from literally all over the world.
After his accident during the first heat of the O250 European Championship of his home race in San Nazzaro on Saturday afternoon, he was brought by helicopter to the university hospital of Parma because he has suffered (amongst other injuries) a craniocerebral injury and the hospital of Parma is specialized of that kind of injuries. But thankfully there was no internal hemorrhage and he will fully recover without any further consequences. He is still in emergency hospitalization so he can’t have any visitors other than next to kin and even we are only allowed max 10 minutes two or three times a day. Alex is in stable conditions and responsive. We were able to talk a little bit and he remembers everything. He is completely clear and conscious. What gives him the most discomfort at the moment are several broken ribs. But the doctors are positive that everything will heal without any further consequences and that no operations will be necessary.
I want to take the opportunity to give a heartfelt thank to our rescue team of the Bergamo Scuba Angels who did an outstanding job of rescuing Alex. It was not the first time they had to get my man out of trouble but this time it was worse than ever. The same thanks goes out to our friends of the Red Cross Italy under the direction of Dr. de Pietro who was in service for our event and gave their all to help Alex in that terrible situation. I could see in your faces that it was a tough moment for you too as Alex is also a colleague and a friend.
I will keep you updated and as soon as Alex is well enough he will without any doubt make the keys of his cellphone burn. 🤪 Alex is a fighter and he will be back raising hell.

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